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Premium Rate Services Outpayments

Premium Rate Services Payouts ImageGenerous Premium Rate Payouts

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of 121 Training, specialist marketing advice and 24hr access to your Account Manager but as a Platinum Client you also receive competitive per minute / per text message payouts that reflect the volume of traffic you generate. This is fairly calculated with the use of different payout charts, where as you generate more and more traffic through premium rate your payouts increase to the next card up.

Platinum Clients are often surprised to hear that even some Network Operators don't receive as high rates direct from the Mobile Phone Networks then Phonenumbers4u receives from our trusted suppliers!

Premium Rate Payout Policing

Premium Rate Phone Numbers Payouts Image

You will constantly receive the highest payouts possible as not only do your personal payouts increase when you exceed x amount of traffic, but as ALL of Phonenumbers4u's Clients generate more and more premium rate traffic we do obtain greater and greater influence over our tier 1 Network Operators and can therefore renegotiate even higher rates that can be passed on to you. What also ensures that you are always receiving the best rates and access to the best platforms is that Phonenumbers4u always has its doors open to other phone line and SMS suppliers who are invited to demonstrate the platform & present their rates. In the event that one passes our strict screening process & offers an improved system that also offers you greater rates we will consult you to see if you'd be interested in migrating traffic to the new system or remain with the current platform.

Premium Rate Payout Insurance

Although Phonenumbers4u only deals with a close net of trusted Network Operators and SMS Aggregators for your peace of mind random inspections are carried out to confirm that the volume of traffic paid to you was indeed the volume of traffic you generated. In the rare case that a discrepancy if found your Account Manager will see to it that all traffic on your services for that and previous months is re-counted to confirm that you are not owed any additional revenue. Platinum Clients also receive Audit Rights so if a client believed that the revenue revenue paid was different to that generated then they have the privileges to inspect Phonenumbers4u's data base to confirm that they were indeed paid accurately.

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Phonenumbers4u is registered with Premium Rate Regulator ICSTIS as an Official Premium Rate Service Provider.


Phone: 0800 634 85 85