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Generous Premium Rate Payouts

The Payouts You Deserve..

Premium Rate Phone | Reverse Billing SMS ImageThe more premium rate traffic your business generates the more profit all parties generate. It's as simple as that. However unlike the majority of other providers as a Platinum Client you are generously rewarded for the more calls and / or text messages your services receive with increased rates. You are not stuck on a bog standard rate card the same of which clients who generate just 100 - 200 minutes a month receive and lucky if you're blessed with a pathetic 1p or 2p increase even though you generate 100 times more revenue for the supplier then Joe Average.

No. As a Platinum Client your Account Manager ensures that you are constantly on the most competitive payout chart and as soon as you exceed x amount in monthly traffic you will be eligible to be upgraded to higher rates, not just by 1 - 2p pence. For instance on the Yellow Payout Chart to the next level up the Red Payout Chart your payouts increase by 6p per message. This crystal clear approach to out payments has proven popular with clients as it eliminates uncomfortable haggling & demonstrates that Phonenumbers4u is not just your Premium Rate Supplier but partner & supporter of your business.

Higher Payouts than Network Operators!

Due to strategic alliances within the Premium Rate Industry we have secured a range of impressive rates with a range of leading and trusted SMS Aggregators and Network Operators. Rates that even some other tier 1 SMS Aggregators and Network Operators don't even receive! And they deal directly with BT, 02, Vodafone, Orange etc.

"Future Proof" Competitive Payouts...

Supplier x could offer you the greatest payouts in the world or access to the snazziest SMS or telephony platform in the land but platforms quickly become outdated and payouts solely depend on the success of your supplier, so if unlucky within a matter of months you could find your rates reduced shameful levels. This is something that concerns all other premium rate promoters however it is not something that our Platinum Clients worry about. Why?...

Simply because Phonenumbers4u has made the intelligent decision NOT to invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in developing it's own in-house telephony and SMS platforms for 3 reasons. (1) Telecoms in one of the fastest moving industries and therefore a brand new platform would only remain "leading" for a matter of months before it became obsolete and need replacing or upgrading. (2) Using another's platform costs a matter of pence and allows flexibility in selecting a supplier that can offer Phonenumbers4u's clients both great facilities and rates. (3) Due to the volume of Phonenumbers4u's traffic it makes it much easier to obtain the very top per minute / text payouts for our Platinum Clients from otherwise rate sensitive suppliers.

Generate 3,000 Mins / Texts a Month? Looking For Higher Payouts? Find Out If You're Eligible To Receive Them >>>



Phonenumbers4u is registered with Premium Rate Regulator ICSTIS as an Official Premium Rate Service Provider.


Phone: 0800 634 85 85